Follow Hope's Journey

Hope is our sweet baby girl that was born on January 12, 2013 with a cleft lip. Unable to nurse from her mother, we are hand-raising this special puppy that has stolen our hearts and given us an amazing gift – HOPE!

UPDATE – Our Hope is all grown up and beautiful as ever! 

Her Second Adventure

First, can you believe our sweet baby girl is 6 weeks old??? And can you also believe she is closing in on 1 pound in weight? Man oh man, it's been an amazing journey thus and she has made every sleepless night worth it. She truly has grown into an amazing puppy....

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A Full Day Of Socialization!

We brought Hope down and placed her in the puppy pen first thing in the morning and she stayed down with the girls until 10 o'clock tonight! Boy did she have fun! Her favorite play buddy is Kiki, hands down! The two instigate play all of the time and she has become...

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Play Time With Her Parents

In addition to spending more time downstairs with her sisters, today Hope got a rather lengthy play session with her parents, both lending help in teaching her proper play etiquette as well as cleaning up her messes. Hope had such a great time exploring our living...

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She’s Five Weeks Old!

Just look at her! She is so beautiful - and a pistol to boot! This precious face now greets me every morning, tail wagging, an adorable bark, followed by several kisses. We have rearranged the whelping box to accommodate a small, washable pee-pad. Now that she is up...

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I’m A Big Girl Now!

I have mentioned how Hope greets me with a bark but now she greets me as the edge of the whelping box with a bark and beg. Between her kibble/mush meals, I am still doing formula feedings. Hope walks to the edge and crawls up to the syringe tip and sucks away! She...

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Yum, Yum, Munch!

Today, Hope got her first taste of kibble. I took some Bil-Jac Select kibble (my all time favorite puppy food) and soaked it in the homemade puppy formula. The Bill-Jac easy crumbles and soaks up liquids superbly. She gummed a kibble piece until it finally mushed up...

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Hey Baby Sis

Our little escape artist has become rather comfortable crawling out of the whelping box and roaming my bedroom. With that much square footage to explore, I thought it best to start giving her a smaller and more secure area to play - but with her half sisters, Kahlua,...

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I Think We Need To Rework Things

When we get home that is. Suri and Hope slept in the kennel that I setup right beside the head of my bed this weekend, giving me a perfect vantage point to peek in on our now, very active little puppy. She wants to be out and play more than ever now and this morning I...

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Dinner With The Rest Of Us

I brought Hope out to the picnic table for her dinner to celebrate her 4th week. I rotate one syringe of formula then one syringe of baby food and we are up to 20 CCs total every 4 hours! Weight-wise, she is up to 10 1/2 ounces and with the amount of walking that she...

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