From the time I was a little girl, I have always wanted a Chihuahua. Of course, mom was not about to let me get a dog – it would be one more thing that she would have to take care of. I would clip photos out of little chichis and paste them in a journal. I would buy dog magazines, read and dream. I knew someday I would have my dream dog.

Ironically, it was after I had moved out of the house that mom decided to get a dog. (a replacement for all of her grown kids) Duke was a Lhasa Apso with a quirky personality. Cute dog and all – but not a Chihuahua. I watched her raise him from a pup and love him to pieces.

I knew I wasn’t ready for my own dog yet. I needed to be stable in my life but also have the time to devote to a dog. I would baby-sit Duke when my parents would travel but still yearned for the day I would have a pup of my own.

Years later, after I moved to Florida and married my husband Brad, my mom passed away, leaving my dad to tend to Duke. He didn’t have the time to devote to him anymore so Brad and I took him in.

As with so many other things on our lives, we now had to take on the responsibility of someone else’s issues. Brad had been raised on a farm in a family that bred and raised dogs. Between his actual experience and my years of research and passion, we took that dog and made him a true member of our family. He hadn’t been accustom to small children or such an active lifestyle. There was a bit of opposition and genetic temperament that we had to contend with regularly, but all in all – we conquered the mission!

In October, at the age of 14, Duke passed away. He was there when we bought our first house, as we brought each of our two children home and through all of their toddler years. He truly was a special member of the family.

The house has been so quiet without the click-click of a doggy’s feet. We have thought love and hard about it and have decided that we will take on the adventure of breeding Chihuahuas. Our family is simply not complete with out a dog in it – and what better way to share our love and passion for dogs than through the chance to have them get one of our uberly spoiled and loved pups?

So back to the research I go – this time in finding the right chichi to adopt!

Finding Our Perfect Chi