After scouring the state with my mom (who is visiting this week – love when mom visits) we finally found her in Sanford. She really is a little princess waiting to be spoiled and placed on a pedestal. She’s the doggy version of ME!!!

A little quirky, cute as ever and just begging to be loved. We both fell in love with her the moment that we laid eyes on her. Her mom is a 6lb solid chocolate chi – just like her! Her dad is 5lb and is solid cream. There were three in her litter – and she was the only girl. Her brothers were a solid cream and a solid blue.

I wanted to name her Dudette – Brad wanted to name her Baby – from the movie Dirty Dancing. Well – Baby Dudette was the compromise but Baby is the perfect call name. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” because she is permanently on one of our laps. That is where she loves to be!

She is stocky with yellow/green eyes, a short nose and really short legs. So short she sits directly on her butt!

We just love our Baby Dudette!