Took Dude to the vet today. I was unhappy with the vet we took Duke to. They were in Winter Park and charged you way more than anyone else – simply for walking in the door. They were extremely convenient – but man – with the number of dogs we plan on getting I needed to find the perfect vet.

After a bit of research I found one that not only has reasonable fees but they are so unbelievably nice. They took the time to explain things and answer each and every one of my questions. The only downfall is the location. It’s about a 20 minute drive on a good day – but the ride is actually nice and doesn’t require me to get on I4 – which is a miracle!

Today I had my thoughts cemented in gold. When I brought the little guy in, Dianne was amazing with him and immediately fell in love. The Doc (Tiffany) was so easy to talk to and gave him a full clean bill of health – he’s perfect! And he was a perfect gentleman – and gave lots of wet kisses.

So if you are looking for a great vet in Central Florida I totally recommend Animal Hospital of Lake Mary. THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!

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