Not exactly part of the plan but once I heard his story I had to bring him home with me. Word was out that we had a littler of pups in Poinciana that were in dire need of help. They were being watched for by a woman that was asked by the breeder to see if she could place them while she was on an emergency trip out of town.

This little guys was the last of the three puppies and he was completely infested with worms and fleas – suffered from starvation and was so frail. The breeder lived in Ocala and kept the dogs in a kennel outside with no protection from the elements. If he wasn’t laying on the dirt he was surrounded by urine and filth. This was an emergency rescue as the breeder was returning tomorrow.

The kids drove out with me to see him and I just couldn’t leave without him. Plus Sterling just fell in love with the little guy and had an immediate bond.

CoCo Cosmopolitan (Cosmo for short) is now officially part of the family – he’s quirky and skittish and frail – but we will help him every part of the way!

Mighty Dog