Well at least part of him is! Look at his poor gonads! I swear – they are 1/4 of their size prior to his snip-snip – and we are only a week into his recovery. They should shrink even more!!! (He really did have the largest set I have ever seen on such a small dog – they were bigger than my 9 year olds!!)

He is adjusting to his lack of testosterone but still has the urge. We have kept him from the girls and it has been painful on all. His howling goes throughout the night and during the day he barks nonstop.

Dude has started to defend his dominant role over the girls and Comso has suffered because of it. He has always been a submissive pee’er but now it’s worse. I feel so bad for him. He is so stressed that his skin allergies have flared up.

We are learning as we go here and will have to come up with something else for the boys next time. Of course by then the puppy room should be done and that will make things a LOT easier!

Cosmo Got The Snip-Snip
Unlikely Pals