You got it! We added a cocktail! Isn’t’ she STUNNING? I just love her to pieces! Look at that blue nose!!!!! She is very, very special to me and her name says it all.

My mom drank ONE time a year – Christmas – and it was one glass only – it was a Sloe Gin Fizz. Dad made her a drink every year. I knew I had to name a dog after her drink and this one was it! She has the same grey eyes that I have too! We call her Ginny – what my mom would call me when I was a little girl. Jenny Jenny Jenny – I can still hear her calling my name 🙂

I got her from a breeder named Alishia who is out in New Port Richey. The kids and I drove out to pick her up this afternoon – SO worth the 4 hour round trip adventure.

I can tell you that I fell in LOVE with another pup and would have done anything to have brought him home too. He was a medium hair white with spotted blue – GORGOUS!!!! All three girls are in heat right now and Margie will be having pups in September. If it is meant to be and he is still available next month I will have to see what I can do to get him.

Puffer Dog