Oh My WORD!!!! The boys will not leave these two alone! Everyone is off and trying to figure out what’s up – and perhaps what to do next!

We don’t have our puppy room finished yet but we are not without a backup plan to keep the boys separated from the girls. Baby gates, the kitchen and family room will be have to be our saving grace. It’s all good – I have been washing the girls behinds every day to keep the smell down.

I realize the potential saving grace of running a kennel with your dogs in crates is they are separated from the females and have a less likely chance of having to deal with potential unplanned matings or the additional hygiene requirements. But they also have dogs that are not full fledged family members with truly fulfilling lives.

We knew going in that when the females were in heat we would have to deal with additional hurdles – but then again we breed for the love of and the desire to better the breed – not to make money with dozens of dogs in cages. I will do what ever it takes to make these bi-annual events as tolerable as possible.

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