While mommy was out playing the back yard I went ahead and did their weights and snapped these photos. They are all gaining weight quite nicely and growing like little weeds. Here they are in their birth order:

Baby Boy #1
This chubber-wubber came into the world at 9:40 PM and weighed in at 5 1/4 oz. That charts him at about 5 1/2 lbs full grown. He’s dark sable with a black mask and ears. He also has a white belly, white on the top of his head and the center of his back as well has 4 white socks.

Baby Boy #2
Chasing his brother, he was born at 9:45 PM and weighed in at 4 5/8 oz. he should grow to about 4 1/2 to 5 lbs. Teener’s smallest boy looks to be a blue fawn with an adorable mask. He has a small white patch on his chest too.

Baby Girl #1
This sweetie was born at 10:53 PM and was the first girl to enter the clan. She weighed in at 4 1/4 oz so she charts to about 4 1/2 lbs as an adult. She is a very dark sable with a black mask and stripe down the center of her back. I was so excited to see that Martini passed the stripe on to her pups (All three girls have the stripe). She also has the white patch on her chest but also on the tips of her toes!

Baby Girl #2
A unique sable fawn with what looks like white cheeks – I am sure as she grows they will turn more cream. She screamed into the world at 11:29 at 4 1/2 ozs. The largest of Teener’s girls – she should grow to about 5lbs full grown. She has the black stripe down her back and also a black mask. Her white chest patch is a lot bigger than her siblings. I am very excited to see her colors and markings as she grows.

Baby Girl #3
The runt of the litter took her time when she arrived at 12:40. Weighing only 2 3/4 ozs she may never get over 3 lbs as an adult – if she makes it that far. Since the moment she was born she has struggled – we have been keeping an eye on her since she hasn’t been gaining weight like the others. She too is a sable fawn with a black mask and stripe down the center of her back. She also has what appears to be creamy cheeks!

Baby Boy #3
Well worth the wait – the extra cook time is apparent! He popped out at 2:15 and weighed 5 1/4 oz. Totally chubby and adorable, he has the most white on him – his head, snout and underbelly along with all of his legs and the tip of his tail. He is a sable with black eye patches and ears. Another one with unique colors and markings that I can’t wait to see develop.

Tracking The Changes
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