Dude and Cosmo so miss Martini! She is usually in the lead at the chase game they play in the backyard. She also is sending out those hormone smells that drive them nuts.

Dude is also in tune with the fact that those pups are his – every time we have one of them in our hands he is all over us to get a whiff.

About 100 times a day they go to the gate to get a peek at Martini and her pups. They are all snuggled in their whelping box off in the dining room on the opposite side of the house. They whine and cry to be with her. She really wants to play but gets pretty ticked that the moment they are near her they are all up in her business. Once the pups are up and walking they can be reunited – but until then we all deal with their cries for Martini.

Dude Seems To Know
The Boys Are Back In Town