The boys are getting so big! I snapped these photos yesterday to document their changes. Corky’s shout was rather mashed since he was stuck in the birth canal. The fur has finally grown in and things are shaping up quite nicely! He has this adorable little white patch on his chest and it looks like all of his toes are white – well all but two. He still has the sabling but it looks more like blue than black. Just like the little patches over his eyes and on his ears.

We are thinking of naming his brother Jimmy Buffett – you know – Margaretville? Any who – his tan spots are become more defined as well as the black ticks on his nose and mouth.

Corky has truly become quite the piggly wiggly and I swear I hear mini barks when he is hungry. Buffer on the other hand has his mommy’s temperament – laid-back and patient.

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