And so we wait! Margie’s boys have been fed Esbilac for their first week and I just didn’t like their small weight gain. Everyone at the vet’s office swore by the stuff – not saying there is anything wrong with it – I just don’t think there is enough fat – plus they became all constipated!

So, the good ol’ home made recipe came into play. They LOVE the stuff – a concoction with goat’s milk – and they gobble it like there is no tomorrow. Fattening up quite nicely! ‘Cept all that built up poo-poo is coming out in droves! Poor Guys! I keep telling them it’s all worth it but I don’t know if they believe me. Maybe that’s why they are delaying opening their eyes – they are afraid to look at the person inflicting the butt pains!

New Roommate
Lil' Pudgers!