And what an amazing 6 weeks it has been. They are officially lil dogs with seven different personalities. Watching them all grow has been a blast for all of us and as we close in on their 8th week we feel so blessed to have had this chance to imprint on them the joys of being a spoiled pet!

We have named them all to make it easier to tell them apart on the website – here is the latest on our seven bundles of joy….

He totally has his mommy’s personality – with a tad of daddy’s spunk. He doesn’t walk – he HOPS! He loves to play with the rest of the pups and is the first to initiate play. At the sound of our voice he perks up and is a light sleeper. When he was born (via c-section) his ear got nicked and as he grew the tip of his ear never formed. We call him Nemo – you know – the smaller fin thing. We think it’s cute …adds to his adorable personality! We are having a hard time deciding if we are going to place him or keep him. Perhaps if we find the perfect home where we can check in on him from time to time that would work. Since we hand raised him and our Margie gave her life for her boys – it’s hard to part with her pups – we shall see…

Cork’s brother is on our hold list too. We are equally attached to this bundle of energy for the same reasons. JB is a spitfire and always loves a good wrestling session with the other pups. Barking from week five on – he runs to the gate door the moment he wakes and until he is let out to play with his people. The first puppy to play independently with toys – he loves the pup’s felt bone and loofa. JB has also mastered crawling up and jumping down from steps! He is going to be a very fun pup.

Amaretto Sour
One My Word! A big ol bear he is and a true lover boy. LOVES to sleep, cuddle with his peeps and give kisses. Likes to play with the other pups but honestly prefers to play with his people. He will make a fantastic family pet – especially one with kids. He perks to the sound of a child’s laughter and will be big enough to play with kids over 7 or 8 years old. He is still charting to be a bit over 6 lbs. Amaretto started out with his mommy’s stripe down his back which may come back as he gets older but still has his daddy’s black tail. Too cute!

Baileys and Cream
Our other lover bear who seems to twin Amaretto in size as they grow – kinda funny for being the first and last born in the litter. His personality is the same too – a totally people lover – especially kids. Just like the rest of his siblings, he has his daddy’s black tail but was the first to have his ears stand up

Cajun Martini
What a cutie pie! He LOVES to nap and chill out. He is more laid back like his mommy and loves to give kisses to his people. He is the smallest male in the litter and I expect him to be about 5 lbs full grown. He is a total lap dog and would be perfect for a family with older children. He has lost his mask that appeared at birth and is a solid light fawn with beautiful dark brown eyes (that he got from his daddy – just like the black tail)

I cannot say it enough – she is the most beautiful one in the bunch. I cannot get a photo that captures just how beautiful she is – she’s one of those that must be seen in person. So tiny and dainty – she totally acts like a little lady – expect when she gets one of her bursts of energy and she runs with excitement to play. She is going to be very small – and cannot be placed in a home with small children. Tiny dogs can get hurt very easily. The ideal purse dog she loves to be pampered and cuddled.

Extra Fuzzy Navel
She is a perfect mix of daddy’s playfulness and mommy’s people loyalty. She LOVES her people. Just like her mommy, she likes to be the numero-uno dog and would make the person single dog family. Martini prefers to lay by herself and not really join play-sessions with the other dogs. She follows me everywhere I go and loves to be pampered. She doesn’t attach to just one person – but to the entire family. Fuzzy is just like her mommy that way – and would be the perfect pampered princess.

Lovin Play School
Chow Time!