The pups are older and a total hoot to take camping with us. Of course they don’t get to see the beauty of the forest since they always remain in the camper but they are diggin the whole change in puppy pen scenery! They all travel so well! They actually held it for the entire 2 hour drive! That means our training is working wonders! Their new owners are so totally going to love us for that!

Lisa had one puppy left from her most recent litter. He was so lonely with his siblings gone so we took him with us and our pups have totally taken to him. He’s another little spit-fire – giving Corky a run for his money I tell ya! I will place him as available on the website once we get home. He is the most stunning white and chocolate fawn with light eyes – looks like they may be yellow-brown? Still too young to tell. He is one day younger than Teener’s pups. Too Cute!

Down to Five
New Doggie Corral