I have searched the internet, asked fellow breeders and read all of the books looking for the perfect way to pen up young, active pups that are too old for the whelping box but too young to have free reign. Add the fact that the only room we can have the pups in is fully carpeted and the solution has been a work in progress.

I knew the play gate was a must as it was large enough to contain the pool when they were unable to crawl out. We switched to a larger kennel and used pee-pads and foam core boards to protect the carpet. Thing is we were going through way to many boards a day – they are hard to keep clean.

The solution??? A commercial grade floor mat from Home Depot, turned upside down so the rubber is up. EASY to clean – they don’t slip and slide – it holds the pee pads much better and is big enough for the play gate AND the kennel – they have TONS of room to play!

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