I feel so bad for Ginny. She is the last female in heat in the house and since this is her first heat we need to keep all of the boys away from her. We have strategically separated the rest rest of the dogs for the last week and a half and she spends the majority of the day alone with me and J.B. Several times a day we switch spots and let her out to enjoy the back yard. It’s just not the same when you don’t have 6 other playmates to play with. Today she just jumped up onto the lounger on the deck to chew on some leaves.

I can say that J.B. is truly his father’s son. At 11 weeks old, he mounted our sweet Ginny. It was quite the sight I tell ya! They did get to bond over the last few days so he has a new playmate 😉

It's A Chilly One
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