I love to shop at stores like Marshalls, T.J Maxx and Ross – you never know exactly what you will find there! Well – of all the stores I love Burlington Coat Factory the bestest! They have the best surprises! They had a whole section of dog clothes and beds last week and I picked up a couple of dogs beds for only 12.99 each!

I have bought cheapy beds and have been beyond frustrated. The ones that have a separate pillow, the moment you wash them the edges crush or fall apart. The all in one pieces that have the foam around the edges get all wonky on their first washing. Then when you spend 40-50.00 on a bed with foam inserts and they get used by eight dogs 24 hours a day well – it’s not very pleasant to see them destroyed in a few months.

After 2 washings these new beds have retained their shape, not a single fray and look just as fresh as they day I bought them. I ran back and bought the last three they had – so we now have five of them! Hot diggity-dawgbed!

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