Baby had a rough day yesterday – she was really doped up still – they gave her the good stuff I tell ya. Today she finally stood and walked around the house and is showing signs of the Baby we know and love.

What was so heart breaking was when she ran to the gate this morning to try to get upstairs. This was way out of character for her. She is a princess who waits to get picked up and carried from the couch – she never begs.

I let her out and watched her as she ran upstairs and stood at the edge of my bed whining to get up. She has slept in our bed for the last several days, including the last two nights since her surgery. I picked her up and placed her on the bed and watched in agony as her cried while searching the bed – looking for her babies. I actually cried. My poor Baby – my heart just aches for her and her loss.

Such a Sad Day For All Of Us
Back In The Pack