Our sweet little Ginny is a woman now – but one that has my undivided attention. She finally ended her heat back on December 13th but certain swelling has not gone down and new swellings have appeared. This was her first heat so the hormones could be playing games but for the next few weeks I will be watchin her like a hawk.

During the beginning of her heat, she was left alone with Mojito a few times. The kids had them both in the backyard for playtime and in the living room during feedings. I MAY have missed her flagging – eeekkk!

If they did in fact mate, she would be due the first week in February. I will take her to the vet when Baby goes in for her x-rays. She would be two weeks behind Baby so if the vet can confirm a pregnancy we will be back for her x-rays right around the time Baby’s pups are born.

Soak up the Sun
So Ginny