Baby’s water sack appeared around midnight and finally moved onto pushing out her first pup around 1am. When there was no sign of the sack nor a sign of actual hard contraction at 3 am I knew it was time for the Emergency Vet.

I found a new one much closer to the house and let me tell you – they were FANTASTIC!!!!! I would recommend Dr Hayes to ANYONE with a need for an after-hours vet! Dr Hayes gave Baby a little more time since he could feel no puppy in the birth canal. After a bit of waiting her contractions were strong enough but he felt the pup was too big and she lost a bit of strength so we opted for a c-section. By 5:30 am she was in surgery.

To all of our shock – there was only one pup and he was still-born. Looks as if he died earlier in the evening and he was on his way back up the right horn when she was pushing – he never would have come out naturally!

The other pup – the smaller of the two – Doc thinks she may have aborted him early Saturday morning or even Friday night. We are all so sad for her. We are beyond thrilled to still have our Baby with us – but sad to know she will go through a loss that she cannot understand.

We are exhausted and all headed to bed – Baby is resting in a peaceful state of drugness and we will all be going to say a prayer for the two new puppy souls we will never get to hold.

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