With no little pups to worry about we decided to plan a quickie camping trip. Our last trip was back over Thanksgiving – so it was really nice to be back in the camper again. We headed out to Clermont – close enough to get there quick but far enough to really gain the feeling of “getting away”.

J.B. was way too young to remember his first two trips and of course this is truly a first for Blue. They both did fabulous – not a single issue or squirm on the hour and a half commute. They totally loved the camper and of course – just like the rest of the dogs – playing in our camping playpen.

For some reason, last night all of the dogs ended up in our bed – all 9 of them! The bed is only a queen so it was a tight and cozy fit.

Today they all jumped up onto the back bunk to nap with Brad. Of course the bottom bunk is a tad bigger than a king – so there was room for all and then some!

Restin Up
Making Herself At Home