Blue is going to make the bestest mommy in the whole wide world! I have noticed her skills during puppy playtime but tonight she really let us see that she is convinced these pups are HERS!

When they are out of the puppy playpen, she seems to count to make sure they are all there and takes note to lift up and clean their behinds – systematically! She lets them crawl all over her and is the first to their side when they whine or cry. Which is how this evenings events started!

They stood at the gate door of the playpen trying to get let out. She ran to the gate and stood there trying to make sure they were ok. Later, when we let all of the dogs in to enjoy a quite night on the couch watching a movie, Martini walked right up to the pen to investigate. Blue jumped down from the couch, growled at Teener to get away (Martini actually cowered to her!!!) and then stood guard until all of the dogs left the vicinity. She even fell asleep – napping right beside them! SO ADORABLE!

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