Shawna and the kids brought Bailey by for a visit – and a chance to see if Bacardi (aka Ardi) would be a good playmate for him. I will admit, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how great the two got a long. Of the three in the litter, he is the most people friendly and steers clear of the other dogs. He jumped right in and initiated play with Bailey.

And Bailey – OH MY WORD!!! What an awesome treat to see him again. He is a bit smaller than we anticipated – only at 4 1/2 lb at 6 months – but he is also SO much like his daddy Dude, it’s freaky. He has his coloring, frame and long legs and also his playful and loving personality. A strong minded little guy that loves to give kisses and adores his people. What more could you ask for in a Chi?

They're 6 Weeks Old ... and WAY Too Fun!
Learning To Play