Sassy is soooo good! Look at these beauties. She delivered 3 little girls and 2 precious boys.

The first born was Gin and Tonic. He has the most amazing black spots. I think he will have his mom’s ticking – just like J.B. has. He is the smallest of the boys and truly has the most unique look.

Next came Chocolate Paradise. She is a dark chocolate with tan points and a tad bit of white. She truly is stunning and the smallest in the litter. I think she will be small like Lacy. I just love her little cowlick. Too CUTE!

After a big break in contractions, out popped the brute in the bunch – Dirty Martini. He is a sabled fawn with a black mask and bits of white. He will probably look a lot like Bacardi and Amaretto when he gets big. He’s a big boy- perfect family dog!

Well worth the wait – next came Espresso Colada. Oh Ma GAWD! Stunning. An awesome blend of dark chocolate, tan and black on white. She just may be a long coat to boot! WOW! Can’t wait to see her grow.

Finally, Foxy Lady entered the world – the last up and the final female in the litter. She is a lighter chocolate with tan points and a touch of white and of black. Another stunner!

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