Two black spotted girls and three spotted boys – two chocolate blue spotted and one black spotted. I must say, this is the most unique litter to date. I so love all of the spots! Each one placed so delicately in little nooks and crannies. Here they all are in their birth order…

Absolut Dream
– She entered the world at 4:50 pm and weighed 4 3/4 ozs. She has two black eye patches from her ears down and two thumbprint spots on the top of her head. Her other spot is right in the center of her butt – right above her tail.

Black Dahlia – Her mommy hadn’t finished cutting the cord of her sister and this little sweetie popped into the world at 4:59, she weighed 4 3/8 ozs. She also had to make her own splash with her spots – her eye patches are not as symmetrical as her sister. I love her markings – very unique! And her extra spot is on her side.

Coffee Coolata – The runt of the litter – he is marked with three spots down his back and a full set of eye patches. He also has a thumb print on the top of his head. Weighing in at 3 1/8 ozs., he appeared at 5:17. He appears to be a chocolate blue. I will know more in a few days.

DewRunRum – This guy took his time and was born at 7:18. Weighing 4 1/4 ozs., he has only one patch that covers an eye – the other side is spotted only over the ear. He also has a double spot right above his tail and a tiny “beauty mark” on his side. Just like his daddy. He looks more chocolate with a tint of blue.

El Nino – The final pup of the litter, another black spotted pup but this time a boy! He too has only one eye patch but also has a thumb print on the top along with a spot at his tail. Nino may have tans points – his spots make it hard to tell just yet. He was born at 7:53 and weighed 4 5/8ozs. Looks like she saved the biggest for last!

All in all they are so unique and small. I think they will take after their daddy in the size department. I don’t see any of them getting over 5lbs. Of course this is only a guess- time will tell!

A Nice Long Run
Labor Pains