These storms have had the dogs on edge big time! Hanna has been dropping rain and the dogs have HAD it! They miss their play sessions outside and are experiencing cabin fever. They gather around the food dish and eat, eat, eat! Poor guys.

Besides the rain and storms we also got some more news. Lacy delivered her pups late last night and into today. Looks like Lisa had another difficult whelping on her hands that required a visit to the vet for help. No c-section this time – thank goodness – but difficulties none the less.

Buddy is now the daddy to 3 more little girls! What a proud poppa! A grand total of 4 girl and 2 boys – can’t wait to see them grow!

I had built Lisa a website a few months ago to help her place her other breeds. Her program has grown leaps and bounds and she needs to start breaking out on her own. We planned on having me place Zoey and Lacy’s litters here through me and have her place her remaining and future litters on her site. With the pile of expenses from these two, she will be placing the pups on her own. By then end of September, she will have a total of around 12 chihuahua puppies – be sure to check out her site for the latest!

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