What a great feeling! I THOUGHT I was caught up on Thursday night when I uploaded the new site to the server. Well – I thought too soon after a quick check on my hubby’s laptop Friday night.

After years of working in the PC world I changed to Mac two years ago and never wished to look back (I LOVE MY MAC!!!!!) Well – Microsoft has gone and done it again. Everything worked perfectly in Safari and Firefox and IE 5 (which I tested the site on using my old PC) Come to find out, IE7 caused tons of issues – image alignment and my puppy “watch me grow” galleries didn’t work.

So sorry to all of you that check the site and our puppy’s progress. I spent the weekend reworking the templates. Things may appear a bit wonky but I promise a quick “refresh” of the page will resolve it. The galleries are working and all is good.

I hope you all enjoy the improved larger photos for the puppies and the easier navigation. I can now get back to my regular updates and posts. Thank you all for your patience!!!!

New Site Template - AGAIN!