The pup’s personalities are starting to emerge along with their true Chihuahua traits. Their ears are starting to stand up and they are growing into their faces.

Absolut has shown she is the most like her daddy. She runs to the sight and sound of her people and wants nothing more than to play and cuddle in your lap. She loves to give kisses and nibble on toes.

Dahlia is the most playful in the bunch. She runs and hops everywhere she goes and will wrestle with every dog toy she gets her paws onto. A bit more shy than the others – just like her mommy – she also is the first to explore her new world on her own.

Cool is just as cute as a bug with his big blue eyes. The smallest pup in the litter, he has taken on a lot to get his fair share of food and such. He has grown into a pup that will NOT be pushed around and can stand on his own when needed. His all time favorite pass time? Napping in your lap or on your shoulder – giving a kiss here and there between snores.

Dewey is like his daddy too! He comes running immediately for your lap to cuddle and to give kisses. He has beautiful blue eyes too – and a sweet chocolate nose. He is going to be really small too – just like Cool.

Nino is the playful pistol in the litter. He loves to nibble on your socks and all soft toys. An independent pup that loves to play before cuddling. A very smart boy that had picked up on pottying on the pad first!

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