The pups have SO enjoyed their puppy play lessons. Five to six times a day we bring them out for romps in the living room to play with our other dogs and of course, to learn more about family life. Maneuvering furniture, walking around human legs that are moving (that’s a huge lesson in a small puppy’s life) Our feet are so enticing to play with/on but could also accidentally kick a pup in motion!And then of course, we even tried a running vacuum cleaner!

With this litter we have an unplanned additional element, Sterling’s six week old and SMELLY cast. They are drawn to it like flies on poop and can’t get enough. They climb all over it like it is a jungle gym – one they can also chew on. Thing is – we have a tube sock and foam flip-flop concoction on the cast to help keep it in one piece while he walks – so they chomp their teeth onto that sock and never want to let go. It really is a hoot to watch!

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7 Weeks Old