I always tell our new puppies’ parents of the deals I find along the way. Sometimes it seems as if when the word “pet” or “dog/puppy” has been attached to a product they quadruple the price. Taking care of a dog is expensive so finding a deal is always a bonus.

I have spent a gazillion dollars on puppy pee-pads. Do a price search in Google – It’s highway robbery I tell ya! For a while, I got a box of 100 from WalMart for 30.00. Thing is, I would go through 10 a day because the pups chew and paw at the top layer and they shred apart in seconds. Not the best quality. The day I found this package at my local Walgreens is the day the heavens opened and the angels rejoiced.

This this TOTALLY high-quality stuff here – and – 50 quilted pads for 10.00!!! As a women I totally understand the important of the quilted component! 😉

Anywho – I am always sharing the info so I thought I best snap a shot for the blog so you all know what to look for. I also recommend PetEdge (Great Deals There!) so I best send you off to them for the next essential – the pee-pad holders that save my sanity!

Happy House Training!

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