dewey_at_home1We drove out to Lady Lake today for Baby’s x-rays. Doc says there are two pups in there! Same as last time but let’s hope NOT the same outcome. We are truly on pins and needles when it comes to this whelping. It looks like both pups are in position – head first – and ready to pop any time. I have never seen such developed ribs in pregnancy x-rays so it just may be tonight!

We also took Ginny’s remaining pup for his next set of shots. We are all so torn as to if we should keep him. He is our last remaining piece of our sweet Mo. He has a perfect blend of his parent’s personalities. He is not as attached to humans as Mo was but is as friendly and playful and is as affectionate and loving as his mommy. Now we are fighting over a name. Brad wants to keep the puppy name of Dewey (Dew Rum Run) but I like Coffee Coolata and would call him Cool. We shall see…..

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