Baby did AWESOME! I went up to bed last night around 9:30 and found her at the foot of the bed. She is never on top of the blankets when we are sleeping – she is always under the covers. THIS is how I knew it was time. I drug everything into the bathroom and closed the door thinking we would be there all night. By 10:30 she was hard into labor. I ran downstairs to gather some fresh towels and supplies and when I came back up, there was the first puppy! She totally free-whelped and had delivered a solid black little girl. Baby followed suit an hour later and delivered her second, a solid chocolate boy who is a full ounce smaller – he is TINY!

Not a single complication and she quickly dove into mommy mode and spent the night cleaning and feeding- She is an amazing mommy! Of course, every mommy chi is different and Baby has her own special way about her momminess. She is a high maintenance mommy! It’s all about being clean. The blankets, her who-ha, the puppies – cleanliness is her obsession. Everything must be clean and THEN she can feed them as well as herself. I can see I will be changing out towels more than ever with this litter but as long as our sweet Baby is happy it will be worth every bottle of bleach!

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