We still have the Dahlia, Dewey and Nino here and I must say – I have loved the fact that this litter is still here! We usually have them placed before they are 10 weeks old but if these pups aren’t placed – I would NOT be upset!!! They are each sooo special and awesome. Dewey is still uber tiny – not even 2 lbs at 10 weeks old! Dahlia and Nino hit a growth spurt a week ago and bumped up to 3 lbs but have slowed down this week. I can’t see either ever getting over 5 1/2 lbs and think they have the frame of their daddy and maybe the bulk of their mommy.

They have each grown into their own personalities and have mastered the pee-pad, crate and even the doggy steps we have to get up onto the couch. These pups are more trained than any other we have placed!

9 Weeks Old
Two More Good-Byes