What a wonderful day! We got to meet some fantastic people who are now the new forever parents to two of our pups. Joe and Lori have been watching Nino for a while and after a playdate with the pups last week, confirmed he was the one for them. They came to pick him up this afternoon to be spoiled rotten and their new bestest buddy. He is the perfect pup for them – playful and loyal with never ending kisses.

Chris learned of us through his girlfriend Lauren who fell head over heals for Dahlia. And what a special girl to fall for!!! She is so amazing. Very affectionate – a perfect blend of her mommy’s loyalty and her daddy’s affect and playfulness.

Dewey is still extremely tiny and still here. We are becoming more and more attached to him and he just may be staying here! If someone has the right home, he would make an amazing forever friend. He loves to cuddle and give kisses and is also very adventurous and smart. We have had him on hold due to his size. He would require a home with no children and other large animals. The ideal purse puppy!

The Three Amigos
Their First REAL Adventure!