We intentionally bought a camper that is large enough to comfortably accommodate all of the dogs AND humans – allowing camping trips to be fun and memorable for all. Unfortunately, most camp grounds have a two dog limit. We strategically walk the dogs two at a time as not to bring attention to our gaggle of chis. There honestly has never been an issue but we try to remain as respectful as possible of other campers – who generally are enamored by our dogs and and fall in love with them. Today I noticed something I guess never crossed my mind before which I suppose gives us away more than the dogs themselves – LOOK AT THIS!!!!!

We hang our leashes on the door handle to make it easy to grab one for walks. Each dogs has their own leash so there hangs nine pieces of proof to the number of chis we have. Whoops!

Baby Wit Da Babies
The Pups Caught On Quickly