With her babies barely over a week old, Baby is leaving the whelping box for longer and longer visits down stairs for play session as well as feasts. She is the most confident and attentive mommy we have. The thing is, she is also the most spoiled female dog that we have. My oldest has “babied” her from the moment she entered our lives and you can now actually see her struggle with her motherly instincts vs. her need to be spoiled rotten.

I think that our holiday camping trip taught her how to get the best of both worlds. She has slept in one of our beds since day one. So when the pups are fed and sleeping, she has a hard time laying still in the whelping box. With the way that we set up her box in the camper, she was able to do her motherly duties and then hop out and crawl into bed with us. Since Monday night, she has whined to get up into our bed and then to get back down to tend to the babies. Last night I rigged up a stair system for her to be able to get up and down on her own. She is so high maintenance – Ekk – the dog version of me!

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