It was a bit nippy this morning so the dogs piled in and cuddled in the dog beds to keep warm. It;s my last photo of Buddy’s remaining pups – and it captures their sweetness for sure! It is always bittersweet when pups go to their new forever homes, but today’s departure was the most memorable.

The website brought this amazing couple visiting from New York to check out our pups. She fell in love with little Banana Twist as well as his cousin, Pina Colada. The thought of bringing them home alone on a plane while her husband remained her for another nine days was a bit much to take on and she opted to wait for future litters and a bit more planned trip to Florida. Her hubby called and decided to plan the ultimate surprise by bringing them home to her.

Honestly, I could never ask for a more perfect home for these two pups. They are so close already and to be placed together is so ideal. They are playful yet extremely affectionate – a perfect fit for her most definitely!

I am so honored to be a part of this sneaky plan as these two pups are going to be spoiled rotten and their new family now has the two most loyal and loving companions ever!

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