Our dogs LOVE running in the back yard. The minute they hear the gate jingle when we open it, they run to the deck. Poor Capi has figured out how to go UP the steps we have for them to get up onto our couch but not down them. So when the dogs go running down the steps off the deck, he usually stays behind. Today he stood at the top step whimpering to come down. How could I deny that sweet, adorable face??? I brought him down the steps and let him explore.

Watching a pup walk on grass for the first time is such a sweet movement. I usually hold off and allow their new forever peeps to have that experience but he wanted down SO bad!!! He actually walked on his front paws, back up in the air and then ran in a few circles before he ran off in complete glee – Darting around the yard like the happiest little boy in the world! He tried out some sticks – drug around some leaves and even tried to catch up and join a game of chase. He was in puppy heaven!

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