dog_tagsWhen you have as many dogs as we have, finding the right way to identify them in a cost effective way is not so easy. Our dogs are so flippin spoiled – and have only been collared/harnessed when we are on the road. We have been extremely lucky in not having lost one of our dogs – either threw getting out in the back yard or on one of our camping trips. Realizing that testing fate is not the safest way to live life, I went out on an search for the perfect solution.

I have been on the fence with micro chipping them. It is permanent but I have heard to many horror stories of them floating around and moving once implanted. Besides – have you ever seen those needles?? YEOOOOUCH!!!!

Next came the new collars with USB drives. BRILLIANT idea! Thing is they aren’t small enough to fit many of our dogs. DagNabIt!

Of course, then I went back to the tried and true dog tags! I attempted to use the machine up at PetSmart but it was broken. I figured there had to be a place online that could have them done for me. Then Voila! I found the mother load!

I didn’t want metals because the sound of rattling drives the dogs insane – So plastic was the key. I wanted lightweight and easy – and that is just what I found. And at a fantastic price! Especially when you need to order 9 of them!

Love Your Pets offers dog tags for $3.95 a piece with a total of SIX lines – Enough for your address and two phone numbers. I got them in 5 days too! Perfect – I would totally recommend them!

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