We have been blessed with so many fantastic new puppy parents entering our lives. They often keep in touch through emails and photos. When Baby had her litter, one of our past puppy parents contacted me to say she fell in love with Baby’s black female, Opal, and insisted she get another puppy.

Her and her boyfriend brought home two puppies from Martini and Dude’s litter over a year ago. It was a truly pleasant surprise when she brought them with her for a visit with her new puppy. Lucky, (aka Cajun Martini) and Millie (aka Danini) followed her right in through the door and walked in like they owned the place. SO CUTE!!!! We ogled over our little babies and with such excitement! They stayed smaller than I anticipated and they both look just like their daddy. We hand fed Danini from the age of 2 weeks so when she jumped into my husband’s lap to give kisses, you could actually see him melt! Thank you Jen so much for such an awesome day!

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