Blue is finally at the stage where I can palpate to confirm her pregnancy. My other girls were so calm and relaxed and I could feel with no problems. Blue was not so relaxed. Her gangly, long legs were trying to wrap around my arm – she just wanted to cuddle. It’s a procedure that must be done carefully, as not to hurt one of the fetuses – so I didn’t want to push it. she went right back to napping on the couch when I was done. she is still napping a LOT. This is her first pregnancy so this is all new to her.

I might have felt three – one on the right side and two on the left. Only time will tell. We will get her x-rays done the first week in March. Until then it is a guessing game. She came from a litter of three and her sister just had five so somewhere in between I suppose.

So Nappy!!
The Pooch