I will admit when I saw the doggy loofa on the PetSmart commercial a while back I didn’t really understand the concept. A loofa for a dog???? I kept away from the trend for the longest time but then picked a few up when they were on clearance. Oh My GAWD! The chis LOVE them!!!!! The squeakier the better – they drag them around everywhere, cuddle them, play tug-o-war and when Aunt Flow is in the house make a great substitution to let out frustrations on (YES, you are understanding what I am saying here!!!)

With allergies at a all time high in the house right now, my trips to Walgreens has increased. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a drug store would be such a great-find spot on doggie stuff! Today, I found this whopper of a loof – it’s two feet long!!!! At a price of $5.00, I couldn’t pass it up!

The dogs LOVE it! I have found it in many spots throughout the house – it has even been drug up onto the couch. Totally love when I find a hit – just don’t know how many more 2′ long toys I can store around here – they will have to learn to share.

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