With today being Blue’s day 59, we finally set up her whelping box. I picked up a new, comfy bed for her to lounge in and used it to get her acclimated with her new digs. She has become much more attached to me, begging for me to rub her face. She actually uses her paw to move my hand from her ears down to her belly! One smart girl!

Well, as soon as I stepped away from her in the pen, she jumped into the bed and exposed her belly – as if to say – Come back! I will show you ma puppies!!!! I couldn’t resist – but gurl – you need to detach!!!!!

On another note, I have been beyond busy with homeschool lessons and haven’t been able to break way long enough to squeeze a Lady Lake drive into the mix. Trips out there take a full day out of our schedule. With family in town and other plans, I cant take away more from their lessons. The weekend is quickly upon us and I cant get out there for x-rays. My first chance would be Monday – but she could deliver by then. I just may be doing this whelping without a map – or should I say puppy count. Not a bad thing – I just like knowing what to expect.

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