As I have stated before, my search for the perfect harness as well as t-shirt for Dewey has been unsuccessful. I knew if this was the case that I would have to whip out the sewing machine and MAKE the solution. This week I did just that.

With all of my experience with toy breeds comes many lessons learned. When it comes to pet products – Dogs are dogs are dogs in this world. Thing is – when you have a tiny breed dogs are NOT dogs! And Chihuahuas are something even beyond that!

With their potential for a collapsed trachea, standard collars are not ideal. A harness is what I suggest for all families that adopt one of our puppies and I used to send them to Walmart for their harness vests – which were perfect for walking them as well as for warmth. They didn’t have the bulkiness of many other on the market – perfectly lightweight and adorable! Unfortunately, they don’t carry them any more.

Next, sizes are an issue. You can find a wall full of gear for medium and large size dogs and – if you are lucky – one tiny rack for toy dogs. Now you need to add in the fact that X-Small and XX-Small sizes are not universal. Fitting your Chihuahua is not an easy task.

So, I drug out the drawing board and got to work. I created a template for a harness that is specifically designed for Chihuahuas. There is a range of sizes that start at a 4″ neck and move up to a 12″ neck. The girth is where the commercial versions fall short so I made sure that mine have a larger range to make them more custom to the dog. They are a dream come true. Now all nine of our dogs have a custom harness that fit them perfectly.

I have made a few extras so that I can include them in my puppy kits for the upcoming litters. You can never start too early with leash training and these harnesses will make the perfect starting tool as well as a fashionable way to keep warm!!!

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