To many’s surprise, breeding Chihuahuas is not my only passion. When in the work force, I was in the computer industry as a network engineer, graphic designer and with more obvious proof, a web designer. I also designed scrapbook products! Back when I had a lot more time on my hands, I actually created handmade scrapbooks for each of our puppies. I use many of my skills still today and love getting to dabble in many things. One is graphic design.

cafe_press_image_packI have a whole slew of t-shirts that I designed using Café Press. I love that site! For just a few dollars, I can have personalized items delivered right to my front door. Many times, people that come to take home our puppies comment on my t-shirts, asking where I got them – and where they can pick one up for themselves. That inspired me to share my design ideas in a way that allows everyone to walk around with their ChiChi proudly displayed on their own t-shirts.

Using a silhouette of each of our puppies, I can create a personalized image just like those on my iChihuahua t-shirts. I created templates for eight of the more commonly used items at Café Press. I also create a more colorful template that includes the puppy’s new forever name! Just another extra I am so proud to offer to our new puppy families!

If you are interested in a Café Press image pack for your dog/puppy or have questions, be sure to contact me! Each image pack runs $10.00 and can be used as many times as you need – just upload them to your own Café Press account and create!

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