Blue has been sleeping with us in our bed for the last couple weeks and she was restless all night last night. She woke me at 4:30 with a few whines and whimpers. The panting started at 6:30 and by 7:18 am her puppy finally made it into the world. To my shock and surprise, Blue had a singleton pup. I guess he stretched himself across her body, allowing me to feel movement on both sides.

With a singleton, the pup gets all of the nutrients in the womb – and out – so they are generally deceptively larger for the first 3 to 4 weeks of their life than their full grown charted weight.

He is solid black with a bit of white on his chest and on his back foot and weighs 6 1/4 oz – purty darn big for a chichi pup. Our average is closer to 4 1/2 oz. He will slow down considerably once he is up on all fours – but until then – with all of his mommy’s attention – he is a moose!

He is beautiful and healthy and the total focus of our sweet Blue. She is a fantastic mommy and it should be a very fun eight weeks, watching them both grow and bond.

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