Well – Addington has reached a new point in puppydome – restriction!!!

We have had him and Blue in a rather open set up but in a matter of days, he mastered crawling out of the kiddie pool as well as walking around the room! For his own safety and Blue’s sanity, I drug out one of the play pen gates and enclosed him, a pee-pad, and the pool.

I think we may have a VERY smart little boy on our hands – or an extremely spoiled dude. Once he realized he was alone – no mommy and no humans – he stood up with his little paws on the gate and cried. He had his complete freedom taken away and didn’t like it so much! I felt so bad for him so I thought it might be a good time to take him our for his weekly photo shoot. I SWEAR I saw him smirk – little shit!

Who's The Big Guy???
Blue's Back Now Too