Ginny’s pups are 3 weeks old today and are just as cute as ever! They are much more active and very sweet. Ace and Aloha’s longer coats are finally evident. They appear to have their daddy’s smooth and shiny fur – so stunning. Hawaiian’s a smooth coat for sure and is taking off as the fatty in the litter! She made 1lb today. The others are following her, still both under 13 oz.

While doing their photo shoot, both our mommies were downstairs for a potty break. Addington was just whinin and cryin up a storm from being alone, so I brought him in for a little play session with the others. Man does his moose size stand out when he is with these pups! He is finally walking around and slowing down in the growth department luckily.

They all sniffed and pawed at each other for age appropriate play and then the little ones used him as jungle gym – which he apparently loved.

Three Week Traits
NOT Liking It!