What an adorable litter! And this is what I now wake too every morning – these three sweet faces and their waggin tails begging to come and give me kisses. Pure Heaven!!!!

Hawaiian is the only pup that has reach the 2 pound mark – 2 lb 5 1/2 oz to be exact. She is very playful and social – loves everyone and has no problem showing it. A little spitfire and a very loyal girl.

Aloha is on the submissive side – tossing her belly up to both dog and human and still a bit standoffish to those reaching human hands. She is going to be small with long legs and perfect apple head. She is the total princess purse dog. Once she is all comfy she LOVES to kiss you and sit in your lap.

Ace is the perfect mix of the two – he is a tad bit submissive but LOVES people! I suppose all his manhandling while feeding and nursing him back to health recently showed him peeps are the bomb!!! He will follow your every move and wants to be with you every chance he can get. Kisses are a plenty and loves is forever from this little guy.

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