We do. And since many of our puppy parents do too, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences on how to deal with puppies and carpeting.

We took down the puppy playpen this afternoon – the next step is to clean the carpets. Puppies WILL have accidents. Never would I try to imply that our pups or my dogs don’t soil because It DOES happen! So the the best way to remove the stains would be the best thing I can do!

First – Nature’s Miracle. I totally believe in the product and recommend it to any dog owner. It removes the stains, smells and it does stop other dogs from remarking!!!! Purty kewl aye? (They have laundry detergent that I also recommend for washing doggy beds too btw).

Next – the cleaning unit! We have tried MANY different units. We started by renting steam cleaners. It is SO much more economical to just buy your own machine. I totally recommend the Bissell ProHeat 2X Select. If you watch you can pick one up at Kohls for less than 200.00! And, it has a barefloor attachment! But do NOT use the heat feature on your puppy potty stains!!!! I REPEAT – DO NOT USE HEAT!!!! That just sets the stain and the smell! You can use Nature’s Miracle as the cleaner in the machine and voila – fresh and beautiful carpets!

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